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Do You Need Support??
Allow Shayla Unik To Assist....


Shayla Unik is a certified HR professional with experience reviewing, editing and upgrading resumes, employer contracts, employee handbooks, invoices and much more. Shayla also has various contacts and references who can assist you with finding appropriate housing. Shayla has always been a mathematics wiz. Passing math with flying colors and testing out of math courses in college. Through life experiences Shayla can provide you with various levels of support and life guidance. 

Once upon a time (and still today), Shayla needs support from someone, multiple people. Today, Shayla is blessed with the opportunity to support others! Please allow Shayla to assist you!

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Below is the HR Support Policy and Booking Link. Please read and adhere to policies regarding booking your consultation. *Deposit waved July 2022

Small Business HR Support By A Certified Professional
Resume Assistance

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